Photo Gallery - December 2005

Ron & the boys with a limit of Honkers 12/2/05 TT & The Boys 12/31/05
Paul and the boys 12/31/05 Russell, Tom, Blake, John & Dani the Dog 12/30/05
Dennis, Dick, Barry & Dawg with a limit of hawgs 12/30/05 Day Two Limits with the boys from R.A. Mckell 12/29/05
Mckell boys and a PILE of Honkers 12/28/05 Art, Keith & Daniel at the Church 12/27/05
Wes, Uncle Ray, Don & Jack with some Toads 12/28/05 Wes and his Gang with a limit of Honkers 12/27/05
Yale Jr., Yale Sr., Matt & The Rex Factor 12/24/05 Father & Son on a 30 minute hunt 12/24/05
Yale Jr., Yale Sr., & The Rex Factor! Christmas "05" Honkers The Boys from Kansas 12/23/05
Jordan, Daniel, John & Galen Windy Honkers 12/23/05 Robert and Bill at the Sod 12/22/05
Mike, MIA Mike, & Chris post hammer time! 12/22/05 Art, Eric, Gabe & Joe at the Church 12/22/05
Father & Son Joe & Gabe. Gabes first goose! 12/22/05 Tony, Roger & Navid with some blue bird Honkers 12/21/05
Rick, John, Jett, Josh, Dan & Ward on a Blue Bird Goose Hunt 12/21/05 Gaddie, Brady, Mark, Daniel, Winn Weinster limit 12/21/05
Winn and Brady with a quick limit 12/20/05 Colton & Tony, father and son on Colton's first goose hunt 12/20/05
Joe, Matt, Tony & Colton 12/20/05 The West Slope Boys Got Er Done 12/18/05
Yale, Rex & Yale Jr. with some Huge afternoon Honkers 12/18/05 Dwight & Randy 12/18/05
John, Jordan, Daniel, Nick at Raindance limit by 7:50AM 12/17/05 Charles, Charlie "I'll Only Shoot Hens" Lutz, Ward & Dan on another killer duck shoot 12/17/05
Jay, Trevor & Mark with some wintry Goldeneyes and a Honker 12/17/05 Paul, Larry & Greg 12/16/05
Ward, Charles & Dan with a limit of Honkers on the Sod 12/16/05 Tim & JR with another limit of Honkers 12/15/05
Charles, Dan, Bill, Ed & Mark wit a limit of Mallards & Honkers 12/14/05 Another limit of Honkers Team G-Spot & 12/13/05
Mike, Tom, Dan & Ward with a limit of cornfield Mallards 12/12/05 The boys from G-Spot and with a pile of Honkers and Mallards 12/12/05
Eric, Derrick & Todd 12/11/05 Father (Mike) and Son (Dylan) with a limit of Honkers 12/11/05
John, Travis, Rick, Longs Peak and a limit of Honkers 12/11/05 Steve, Eric & Duane at Raindance 12/10/05
The Keith Williams Crew 12/10/05 Dan, Terry, Ward & Keith with a limit of Honnkers and a bonus Speck 12/10/05
Bill with another limit 12/7/05 Bill & John with a limit of shortneckers 12/6/05
John, Yale (that would be frozen Yale) & The General 12/6/05 Ken, Matt & Lawson "AKA Turkey Vulture" Firtst Snow of the season Honkers 12/4/05
General Boykin, The Rex Factor & Yale at The Sod 12/4/05