Photo Gallery - January 2006

Matt & Will 1/24/06 Dan, Charles, Ward, & Kurt  1/27/06
Brett, Bill, Dennis, & Jim 1/25/06 Lawrence, Russ, Phil, & Matt 1/22/06
Larry's Crew 1/29/06 It took all day but the "Got Em" 1/06
Mike, Todd, Kevin & Mike Late Season Honkers 1/31/06 Jason, Jeff, Carl & Shane splash a limit 1/30/06
CTA Boys with Foiles on a water whackin' 1/30/06 Dan Dankert group with some from Dyekman's 1/26/06
Ron Davidson and the boys get em' at Weinmeister 1/27/06 Brent, Bob & Tom with some bluebird Honkers 1/24/06
Dave Hill group 9 and out 1/25/06 Dan, Charles, Scot & Tate with some early morning Honkers 12/20/06
Scott & Crew with a limit at Kodak 1/20/06 Matt and the Posse no prisioners 1/18/06
Scott, Dan, & JD with a limit ot Meinmeister's 1/19/06 Mike and Friends with a limit of Honkers 1/17/06
Dave, Scott, Doug windy day limits 1/18/06 The Kansas Boys with a limit of Honkers 1/16/06
Dan, Matt & Diane at The Sod with limits a two bonus Ross's 1/17/06 John's Group get em again 1/15/06
Matt, Diane & J-Rod Murray Limits 1/16/06 Jeff & Jen 1/13/06
Mark, Dennis, Jeff, Shane & Mark Sod Honkers 1/13/06 Bill & The Boys with some huge honkers 1/9/06
Jay and The Boys on a really bad hunt: Per Jay 1/12/06 Paul, Dawn & Doc, Nine in Nine Stayed 1/9/06
Jen & a Collared Honker, Jeff, Mark & Dennis Colorado Youith Outdoors Hunt, Ian & Scott 1/8/06
Scott, Chris and the gang at the 6-D 1/8/06 Mark, Brent & Jeff...Jeff Foiles guiding his first hunt for Stillwater Outfitters 1/6/06 Great Start
Sundown Limits at the 6-D 1/7/06 Mark, Will, Charles, Dan & Ward 1/6/06
Mark, Brent & Jeff with late day Honkers 1/6/06 Utah boys get er' done at west Longmont 1/5/06
Dave, Darrell & Captain Frosty 1/5/06 Darrell, J.D., Dave & Doug with some toads 1/4/06
Phil and the Crew with a limit of Short Neckers 1/4/06 Colorado Springs SCI Goose Hunt 1/2/06 Fnt Row: Brett, Rebecca, Kent Bk. Row: Kevin, Noal
Scott, Bob, Travis & Dan 1/3/06