Photo Gallery - April 2006

Don & Shane with Ron's long beard along with Nate & Barry's birds Father and Son with a pair of Kansas Gobblers 4/29/06
Nate (left) & dad Barry (right) with Nate's first big Gobbler 4/29/06 Dennis with his hard earned Gobbler 4/29/06
Brad with his huge 11" beared Gobbler 4/28/06. Is it a boat paddle or a paint brush hangin off that bird? Dennis "Dead Eye" Burke with his Kansas Gobbler 4/22/06
Colby "Ground Pounder" Bryant with a Kansas Gobbler 4/20/06 Doug WIilliams with a pair of early morning Gobblers 4/16/06
Bill with a big Colorado Gobbler 4/15/06 The President of the World with a creel full 4/14/06
The President AKA "Big Dawg" & Doug Williams with a pair of Kansas Gobblers 4/14/06 Jim Lindberg with his opening weekend Long Beard 4/14/06