Photo Gallery - December 2006

New Years Eve limits with Paul and the Boys 12/31/06 Brad and Jeremy...Father and Son 12/2/06
3 Generations of Hartleys with limits 12/24/06 Dennis and the boys with limits 12/28/06
Barry & the gang...Day Two 12/29/06 Barry & the gang 12/28/06
Terry with his limit 12/20/06  
Some of the gang from R.A. McKell Don & The Boys Put the Wood to Em 12/28/06
Ron, Mark, Cody, Terry & Nate with some Blizzard Honkers 12/28/06  
Jeff, Mark, Greg & JD with a Kodak Moment 12/17/06 Ray, Daniel, Ray and Scott 12/27/06
Post Blizzard Honkers with Paul & the Boys 12/23/06 Dan, Rod, Travis & Bob with some Snowy Limits 12/20/06
Zack sportin some Bling...12/17/06 JD, Mark AKA Mr. CWA and Jeff on a DU hunt with limits of Honkers 12/17/06
Big Dawg, Butch, Jim, and Jeff with limits of Greenheads 12/17/06 Jeff. Zack, Morgan & Dead Eye with limits and Bling!!! 12/16/06
Ward, Dan, Bob and John 12/16/06 Chuck and the boys 12/15/06
Josh and the DU boys for Utah 12/14/06 Dave, Daniel, Colby, Dalton and Carl. Kodak Limits 12/13/06
Tim, JR and John. Limits 12/13/06 The General with a Huge Kansas Whitetail taken 12/5/06
The General with his 5x5 Kansas Whitetail 12/5/06  
Charles, Dan, Craig limits 12/8/06  
The Keller Williams Group 12/2/06 Mike, Rick, Terry, Lance, Roger & Gary on a limit hunt 12/2/06
Brad with his first trophy 6x5 Kansas Whitetail taken 12/1/06 John, John & John with a limit of Honkers 12/1/06