Photo Gallery - April 2007

Korey, Joe, Troy, Brad, Juvinal & Guillermo with a flock of Gobblers 4/28/07 Jeremy with his first Kansas Gobbler 4/17/07
Korey with his first Kansas Long Beard 4/28/07 Guillermo with an afternoon Nebraska Boss Hog 4/28/07
Scott with his first Nebraska Long Beard 4/21/07 Dave, Dalin, Scott, Cory & Scott with five first morning Kansas Long Beards...4/20/07
Cory & Scott with a pair of Kansas Long Beards... Cory's bird was a double bearded bird and Scott's was a five bearded bird... See the five beards?
Scott with his first Kansas Long Beard 4/20/07 Jim with his Boss Hog Kansas Long Beard 4/21/07
Mark with his 2007 Kansas Long Beard