Photo Gallery - November 2010 (Click to Enlarge)

Quick morning duck hunt plus a few honkers.

The Hartmans on a quick morning in paradise!

Tucker and Tate before the goose wars!!

Team Hartley: 3 Generations of Goose Killers

Johnnie bringing in a goose!!

A quick afternoon hunt on the corn!

Stillwater's version of Black Friday!

Doug Williams and Crew Grindin' Again!!!

Annie Oakleys at the Sod!

Jeff from Colorado Springs with a quick morning limit

Lonnie and Kids Day One-Kids Day

First geese ever for the kids!!!

Lonnie and Kids Day Two

A pounding at the sod

Opening day carnage 2010

The Williams Posse

A November Thrashing

Limits with the ESPN Outdoors crew Limits!!
A nice start to the second split!! Team Stillwater putting together a tree stand..and actually using instructions!
A beautiful opening sunrise for the 2nd Split Duck huntin' at Kodak