Photo Gallery - December 2010 (Click to Enlarge)


The Snowy Day Crew with a few bonus snows!!


Time for a trip to the clay range.... A great day anyways!!!

Kansas Boys Day 2 With a BONUS Speck and a BAND!!!

Time for a trip to the clay range.... A great day anyways!!!

Bluebird skies and no wind makes for a tough day in the corn.

Great way to spend the day! 20 and our!!

A tough Christmas Eve, BUT Santa brought some leg iron as a gift!!!

Reed, Gabe, Jade and Roger. Day 3. 16 and out!

The teachers from the Springs with a lesson on goose hunting!

Reed, Gabe, Jade and Roger. Day 2

Strait stealth mashing

Kenworthy group with a morning group!

Reed, Gabe, Jade and Roger. Day 1

Claire and Ben all the way from Alaska to kill a few geese!

Cleo waiting for the action!

The Wrecking Crew on a quick morning!

Out East with a good shoot.

Roger, Navid and Luke.

Happy Birthday Navid!!

A great morning at Kodak with Greg and Friends from Utah!

A quick 5 at the church with Olympic Medalist Johnny Spillane and Traeger

The Miller Brothers and Matt on a great day 2

Utah boys gettin' it done!!!

Showin' Ft. Morgan how its done!!!

Got Geese???

The Utah Crew Day 3

Drake Migration Nation with a morning shoot!!

Brock and friends.

A tough day in the wind, but they got 'em pretty good!!

Cody, Justin, Bob and Ron.

Hey boys....what's that shooting percentage??

Utah Crew day 1

Utah Crew day 2!! Honkers and a young speck.

Young Jack's first honkers!!

Way to go!!!

Sportsmans News Day 3 grinding!!!

Sportsmans News Day one!

Sportsmans News Day 2 grind!!!

Bob and Gus from Texas. Day one. Should have come into town an hour earlier guys!!!

Bob and Gus day two!!!

A good morning shoot at the sod!

Brady and the boys in Ft. Morgan!!!

Day four with the Hartmans

Davis tent and awning crew.

16 and out at 9:30!!!

Randy and crew with a 10 pack before work! Two guys. 8 and out with Craig!
The Hartmans on day two Day three with the Hartmans