Photo Gallery - January 2011 (Click to Enlarge)

Dylan with his FIRST EVER goose!!!

Father and son team with an 8 pack in -30 weather!!

Chris, Cody, Ken and Loran. Chris with a bonus band. Did the "Little Guy" warm up yet??

Eric and Khan scaring geese to death!

Eric, Khan and Harvey on a classic January goose shoot.

Jim and the Kansas wrecking crew on a balmy day 1.

A quick morning limit!

Bill and crew with a late January grind. that Beamer??

Brady and the boys getting it done on the front range

Brady and the boys with a limit of "loafers". Get the flag!!!

The Clarene posse at it again

The future Young Guns on an afternoon hunt.

8 and out by 10!!

A long and tough day.

Just another day in the corn!!!

Roger, Bill and Navid on Bill's FIRST goose hunt. Great job on a beautiful day in the field.

A tough day, but a great day.

Some honkers with a few bonus ducks!

A long, but rewarding day with an afternoon of birds.

Wack 'em and stack 'em with the kids!!

Bob and crew at the church!!

A Kodak Moment!!

Tom Flynn and crew wackin' and stackin' in January

Want to hunt here tomorrow??

You are all invited back next year!! Hope you have fun watching Steelers this weekend!!

Up from Texas to shoot some big birds!!!

Quick morning shoot before the drive back to the Springs!

Mike and Scott with a morning hunt before MIke had to head back to Chicago. Is that one going on the wall Mike??

Matt, Craig, Bryon and Cash on a warm January grind. GOOO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!

Foiles wrapping up Colrado and headed to the SHOT show!!

Jeff Foiles Day 3 in Colorado!!

Ed Valencia and Crew out East

Pepper and the boys getting it done before their flight back to Utah!

Brett and the boys with 16 and out!

Great job shooting even when Brett called the shot....

Roger, Reed and "Jinxer" on a GREAT day 2!! Out by 8:30!!!

Roger and Reed with (not pictured Jinxer) on a tough day 1

20 and out with Pepper and the boys!!!!!

Reed, Roger and the "Jinxer" on a great day 3

Don Kipp and the boys

16 and out on an arctic blast!

Kevin and the boys with 16 geese, 3 ducks and 1 leg band on a great January morning!

Don Kipp and crew with the results of -12 degrees in the pit!

Team Strait Meat with 16 and out on a COLD day in the pit!

12 and out!!! Lets go to HOOTERS!!!

Day two grind with no time for Hooters!!

Chris Jones represents Stillwater at the ISE!

Strait Meat! Strait Mashin'!

A "Bucket List" hunt with a first goose shot!!!

Guide Chris Jones shooting in the ISE finals!!

A tough one, but a good one

An all day 2 pack for the kids

A long day but worth the wait.

8 at the last minute!!

Another day in PARADISE!!!

Noah's first goose and its a BIG one!!

James, Paul and Chad on a long day on the Front Range!

Ryan, Noah, Spencer and Dad on a great day at "The Church" Glad we got you to wrestling practice Spencer!!

Chad, James and Paul on a combo hunt out east. James THANK YOU very much for your service to our country!!

A day for the ladies! Nice shootin' girls!!!

Chris and Scott with some COLD weather honkers!