Photo Gallery - DEC 2011 (Click to Enlarge)




4 Church fatties and a couple ducks in 30 plus winds!!

Jeff and Jake done by 7:30!


Noah, Remington, and Dillon stacking the pile!!

La Cosa Nostra day 2 slaughter!!


Grind time for the crew!!

La Cosa Nostra!  Salida gang with 21!!


Roger and Navid with a doozer!!!  

Tebowing with a lineup!!


Pizza to the blinds!!!   Wonderful!!

Day 1 for the John and the Utah gang!


The Utah weathermen mashing some honkers on the ice!!  12-23

Limit for the California posse!


Snows and Canadas for the youngsters!!

Quick Christmans Eve 5 pack for the father and son duo!


A duck mashing in the corn!!!  30 min hammering!!

12 on the ground before 9, great day!


Broc and buddies laying down in the corn!!!

Randy and the boys with a quick one!!!


12-22-11 30 min slaughter.  Can you say GRINDER?!

12-23 Mash with the gang!!!!


Tough one for the posse!

First geese ever for the Goeringer family!  Stack'em proud!!


Utah crew with another hammering of the white cheek!!

Jade with a double retrieve!  Good Boy!


Quick morning 7 pack for Steve and the gang!

Utah grinders day 1!


Cody and the carnage crew...Done by 9:30

Steve and the California duck slayers?  Line up those honkers!!


Marty, Steve, and the boys with some "blue bird" honkers!!

Lee, Jason, Jeff and "Dead Eye" Conner  from AZ with a smack down!!!!


The Williams Crew gettin' it done!!!

Tough day for the AZ Crew.  Better  than a zero

Solid start for Larry, Zeke, and Kelly!

Morning hunt on the Sod!!



Go Rams!!!!  The CSU Gang!

Another Hammering by the Crew!!!

Let's gettem' on the water!!!

Arctic Front= Awesome Day!!

Fist full of honkers!!!

Day 3 for the Demming Crew..Epic!!

Mike Demming of Sportsmans New
along with the crew from Sitka Gear!

We found the missing link...No, it's our cameraman!!!

Bob, Wayne, Doug and Bill with a truckload!!

Gene with his whitetail!!



Mark with his Whitetail.  The cold caused an itchy finger!!  20 below zero