Photo Gallery - February 2011 (Click to Enlarge)

As waterfowl season comes to an end, we would like to THANK everyone that joined us for the 2010-11 season. Without you, Colorado's #1 waterfowl outfitter could not be what it is!!! — Team Stillwater

Team Stillwater at Rocky Mountain Roosters!!  
Tim, Stu and the boys with a last day hoorah...going out with a BANG Stillwater style!! Mark and Scott on a quick ending to the season
Reed and Roger and Dave on an arctic blast grind!! Reed and the boys stacking up some honkers!!
Jade and Gabe with a handful of chickens out east... Reed, Jade, Gabe and Roger on a perfect ending to 4 great days. 16 fatties and out!!
The Missouri boys havin' a GREAT vacation!! Randy and crew with a mashing in the grass...
Dusty and the boys with a classic grinder!! Lane and crew on a day to make Hevi Shot proud. Better get anouther box
The future of CSU Football on a windy day. 10 Pack. GO RAMS!!! Hey...congrats on the leg iron! Way to go!!!
2010 HDC Predator Hunt

2 shots. 50 yards. Coming hard to the call.

It was AWESOME!!

Team Hamilton

Pounding some honkers on day 2!

Beau D'Arcy bangin' 'em out with a shotgun!
Quill Lakes Canada!! How do you like them honkers??
A little pinball at lunch?? Don't mind if I do... The Utah boys with the finish of a TOUGH day. NO WEENIES!!!
A nice pile of honkers at the end of the day!! Team Stillwater..Puttin' 'em on the GROUND!!