Photo Gallery - JAN 2012 (Click to Enlarge)

Day 2 for TJ Kansas Crew!  Look close!!  Is that some iron on that goose!!!

Day 1 whoopin" for the TJ Kansas Crew!!


Small time grind for the evening!  We'll take it!

Let's go get'em on some green!!


The day none left!!

We'll take a 7 pack to go!!


Just another day at Stillwater!!!

815 weeeeeee gone!!!


Reed, Roger, and Shane on a windy day hadful!!

Well?  Stack them boys proud!


12 and......weeee gone!!!

Da, da, da, da.....and another one bites the dust!!!


Yakima Goose Hauler?

Day 2 for Cory and the Posse of sunny side up's and down's!!!


Day 1 Mix bag in the corn!!

Quick gring at the Church.  Sunny and bright go get'em fight, fight, fight!!!


12 down for the count in less than an hour!!

Sandy and the gang hammering the honkers on a windy day!!


Leg Iron????  or zip tie???

Morning grind on the ice.  Bring out the Zamboni!!!!


J.R and Posse from the Western Slope!!!

Jeff, Wayne,Gary, and Adam, from Utah with a lineup of Hogs!!


Jack, Carl, and Andrew with a great morning at the Church!!

Day 2 for "Foiles and the Migrators"!!!!


Cole Foiles Day 1 of "Foiles and the Migrators: Season 2"

Trip and her little ones!!!!


Not a bad day for the crew!

Murry clan half day, then off to the airport!!


Line those hogs up Murry clan!!!



Tim and crew going old school with the
side-by-side shotguns!!!!

Day 2 for the Kansas farmers.  Limit of honkers!!


Day 1 for the Kansas farmers!!

Bill and the Rocky Mountain Rooster crew!!


Dr. Warren and the boys!!!

Round 2 for the Goeringer family! Another great hunt!



Good Day 1 for the Kansas Crew!!

Day 2 for the Kansas Crew!!