Photo Gallery - FEB 2012 (Click to Enlarge)




How many days until the carnage continues???  Another good one!!!

Great way to end the season!!!  


Moping up another limit!!  One more day to go!!!

20 PACK for some GREAT GUYS!!  The Utah gang with another smash!!!  Can't wait for next season!!!


The Iron Man!!  Matt and his first band!!!

Looks like the bird on the left is carring a little extra weight??  SOME IRON??


And the beatings continue........16 and WE GONE!!!!

Another butt whoopin by the Utah Posse!!!!


32 honkers!!!  That was a fun one!!

Let's go hammer some white cheeks in a blizzard!!


Another on bites the dust!!  The Utah Posse with a showdown and they won!!

The Hartman's day 1 slaughter!!!


Missouri boys have some Colorado fun!!!!

Reed, Roger, anc Crew with another Smack Down.......Keep the streak alive!!!


Fowl Life day 1 Carnage!!!!  Smack'em around a little bit!!!

Fowl Life day 2 grind!!!


The day they all knockd the heck out of them!

Like a Rock!!!!!