Photo Gallery - December 2012 (Click to Enlarge)



Closing out 2012!  First ever geese for the Air Force pilot Josh and his Dad!!!

Sub zero ginder on the river!!  Last ducks of 2012!

WE HAVE VICTORY!!!!! Jordan and Quinn with some handfuls!!
Kansas boys turning some white to red!! Gabe and son's quick morning!
Artic day mash!! Great moning!
Nice beards!!!  Great line up!! Bill and family with an awesome hunt!!
Another frying pan skillet cook mash ham!!! Keith and crew out east on a cold one!!!!
I like Bling!!! Hold up those toads proud!!!
Bo's first ever!!! Bang! Bang! We gone!!
Nice Pounding by the gang!!! Cody and posse with another mash!!
Santa broght a little gift on Chritmas Eve!!! Hold those honkers proud gang!!!!
The whole posse from Utah grinder on the ice! Afternoon "sky dropper" grinder masher!!
Another mash by the Utah gang!!! Reed and the boys hammering the "white cheekers"!!
VIVA ITALIA!!! Day 1 for Roger and the boys from Utah!!
Fired up the ice eater!!! Nothing better that a cold 12 pack!!
Derek, Colby, and Hunter with a quick limit. Good shooting boys Roger and Navid with some "white" bonus birds!!!!
Little afternoon fun!!! Snow day smack down!!!
Father and Son time!!! 3 pack on the go!!!
Perhaps a trip to the shooting range would have help bag a few more!!!

Carson, Tj, Brad and Russ with a smash!

"In your face action" with Burris Optics crew!! Otter Box crew "boxing up" 20 fatties!!
We even get'em on the ice!!   Chicken soup anyone!!!!
Another quick one for Stillwater!!! Wow!  And a posse band wagon shoot!!!
Morning 4 pack for the gang! Shoot'em in the teeth!!!
Get you some!!!! Limits again for Cody, Bob and Ron!!!
30 min grind sesson with Cody and the Utah posse!! Gus with an afternoon 3 pack
Good day in the corn!!! Mash on the Sod!!
Jim and James day 1! Another grind for the duo!!
Clay and crew with an early beatdown Migration duck hunt!
Sandy and the gang done in 30 min! Rich, Alvin and Matt with a beatdown!!