Photo Gallery - January 2013 (Click to Enlarge)



16 and out by 8:45

Last day for ducks!!!

Day 2 mashing!!!

Smash at the "Black Hole"!!!

Line up the hogs!!!

Hartman's day 1 mashing....

The super Grind-O_Ramma!!!

Some big ones out east!!

Navid, Roger and Tom with a grind!!

A pitcture is worth a 1000 words!!!

More leg iron!!!

Looks good on the ice!!!

Tracy, Reed, and Roger smashing more honkers!!

Yet another stack of honkers for the crew!!

Foiles and the Migrators with the Utah wrecking crew!!!!

Chicken grind on the turf!!

Quick 8 pack!!

Another hammering!!!

Quick one for the posse!!!

Nice stack of fat ones!!

Another Grind!!!

Tough one for geese but 1 coyote is good!!

Grind over the sleeper spread!!

Great day

Afternoon corn hunt

Quick one!!

Vooheens with an awesome morning!!!

Frosty 12 pack!!

Is that bling on the goldeneye??

Bling on the goldeneye!!!!

More honkers for the Utah Posse

Finally some honkers out east!!

Team Rocky Mountain Roosters!!

Another grind to open 2013