Photo Gallery - December 2013 (Click to Enlarge)






Hog hunters???!!!


Petfect day to spend the morning!!

The Utah wrecking crew!!!

Quick 2 man limit!!

Stillwater style.  Banging and busting!!

Sod mashers!!!

Stackem boys!!

Woody and Curt with a couple toads!!!

Navid and Roger pounding some icy ducks!!

Otter box crew got it done!!!

They're back!!!!

Got'em on the ice

Josh and his new F150 from Spradley Barr Motors in Greeley!!!  It's about time!!!

Little TR and Big TR with a mallard mash!!

Another day in the field with some fatties!!

TT and crew!!!


Mark and Spradley Barr Motors posse!



Stack those honckers proud!!!

Vaughn Energy crew Williams crew

Hog fest!!!  Pork? First geese and he can crash you into the boards!!

Another smack down! Tundra fun

Sandy and the fashion police! Mike with a awesome Speck.  Who needs a dog?

Got'em on the grass!  
BLING!!! Utah gunners at the Mellor farm!
The Smith clan....we gone!!! Jade, Reed Roger day 1 smack!

Another leg bang for the crew!!

Davey crew with a mashing!!

Utah young guns!!

Smack down on the water!!