The Flap-O-Matic Patent Pending

The Flap-O-Matic is a hand held motion system unlike anything on the market today. Available in black or white, this motion system is equally effective on dark or light geese. Endorsed and used by Stillwater Outfitters (Colorado's #1 Waterfowl Guide Service), the effectiveness of these flappers has been proven for years.

They can be used effectively from pit blinds, layout blinds, or above ground blinds. Realistic, simple, light weight, and easy to use are some of the advantages of this system. Once you have a set of the Flap-O-Matic Hand Held Motion System in your waterfowl bag of tricks, you will never want to be in the field without them.

There are three options in two different colors (black or white) available when ordering your Flap-O-Matic. Additionally, each pair of flappers comes with wrapping material that you install to make the handle much more comfortable to grip.

Flap-O-Matic in Motion

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FLAP-O-MATIC Hand Held Motion System