Colorado Canada Goose Hunting


Experience Canada Goose hunting "like you read about". This is goose hunting the way it was meant to be — classic decoy gunning with birds close and committed to your spread.

Stillwater Outfitter offers some of the finest decoy Canada goose hunting in North America. You will be hunting near Ft. Collins, Windsor, Greeley, Longmont, Brighton, and Denver, Colorado. We hunt over 25 locations that consist of corn, wheat, barley, alfalfa, water, and occasionally over frozen lakes and ponds. You will be provided with an experienced guide, decoys, pits, blinds, dogs, and any other equipment necessary to bring big Canada geese within easy gunning range.


We can cater to corporate groups or just you and a few friends!

Greeted by a resident flock of approximately 20,000 Giant and Greater Canada geese, open water, and abundant food sources, waves of migrating Canada's will arrive in first part of November, and will spend the winter here, returning in mid-March. The early arrivals are typically the short grass Canada's (four to six pound birds). On the heals of the early arrivals are geese from the high line flock (eight to twelve pound birds), these are the birds that make up 80% of Colorado's wintering flock. This trend continues though the end of December into the first part of January.

Question: "When is the best time to come?"
This is the most frequently asked question and the easiest to answer.
Answer: "Your odds of success are good throughout our entire season."

Many areas across the country you hope to hit the migration just right, you can end up a little early or the old "you should have been here last week" story can greet you. Surrounded by thousands of birds on a daily basis can be a blessing as well as a challenge. With our experience and strict management practices, your odds of success are as good as you will find anywhere in North America.

50% deposit required. All hunts are non-refundable.


Goose Hunt Cost per day:

$750.00 for one to three hunters
Add $250.00 per fourth gun - per party, per day. (Gratuity Not Included)

Duck Hunt Cost per day:
1/2 Day Hunts - Morning or Afternoon

$250.00 per hunter
Two gun minimum / Four gun maximum. (Gratuity Not Included)

Youth Hunter Discount:

$100.00 off adult hunter price
For kids 13 and under. Minimum 2 adults. 1 youth discount per adult.


Goose Hunt Cost per day:

$500.00 per hunter per day
Two hunter / Two day minimum.
Sixteen hunters maximum with four hunters maximum per pit or blind.

Includes: Guided hunt, meals, lodging, and in field transportation. Loaner guns available.

Not Included: Transportation (airfare & car rental), bird cleaning, license, and ammo.
(Gratuity Not Included)


If you like the idea of a turnkey hunt where all you have to do is get there, this is the hunt for you!

Goose Hunt Cost per day:

$650.00 per hunter per day
Two hunter minimum.

Includes: Fully guided and outfitted hunt, meals, lodging, in field transportation, license & stamps, gun, ammo, and bird processing & shipping.

Not Included: Transportation (airfare & car rental).
(Gratuity Not Included)


Sept. 10-18, 2011
Limit: 4 per day
Possesion Limit: (2) daily bag limits

Duck - Central Flyaway
Northeast Zone
(East of I-25 and North of I-70)

Central Flyway
Northeast Zone

10/6/12 -11/26/12 ; 12/15/12 - 1/27/13

Southeast Zone 10/24/12 - 1/27/13
Mountain/Foothills Zone

9/29/12 - 11/25/12 ; 12/21/12 - 1/27/13 

Limit: 6 per day
Possesion Limit: (2) daily bag limits

Of the (6) ducks, no more than (5) may be Mallards of which no more than (2) can be hens. Also of these (6) no more than (2) Pintail (1) Canvasback, (2) Redheads, (3) Wood Ducks, and (2) Scaup.

The limit for Mergansers is (5), no more than (2) of these can be Hooded Mergansers.

The limit for Coots is (15) with a possession limit of (2) daily bag limits.

Goose - Central Flyaway
Regular Goose Season

 Dark Geese 11/17/12 - 2/10/13

Limit: 4 (dark geese)
Possesion Limit: (2) daily bag limits


Room & Board

For out-of-town hunters, we can assist you in arranging clean, comfortable rooms, licenses, stamps, etc. You will need to bring guns, ammo, camera, sunglasses, and any other personal gear you may need. Temperatures can range from +65 F to -10 F. Be prepared to dress in layers, the mornings can be rather chilly while the afternoon hours can warm up considerably. A pair of good felt lined pack boots is also recommended.

Things to Know

Non-resident Small Game License $11.00 per day, State Waterfowl Stamp $5.00 and Federal Migratory Bird Hunting Stamp(Duck Stamp) $15.00. If you were born on or after January 1, 1949, you must have a Hunter Education Certificate in order to purchase a hunting license in Colorado. Season dates for Geese/Duck typically run from the first part of October through the first part of February. For more information on Colorado State hunting laws please visit the DOW website. Just click on the pictured below.

All Goose hunts go from 1/2 hour before sunrise to 3 PM or limits.

We recommend using 12 ga. with open chokes & loads of BB's and BBB's for goose and 2's for ducks.

Stillwater Outfitters waterfowlers has enjoyed over a
95% success rate over the past 14 seasons!

Call 303.659.8665 for more information!