Colorado Turkey Hunting

Springtime on the creek bottoms of northeastern Colorado is magical. The country side is littered with wildlife and Rio Grand Turkeys are the Kings and Queens of Spring!

Imagine setting at the base of a tree or kicking back in your Double Bull blind. The sun's just starting to make its way over the hear a thundering gobble to your right...then another in front of you...a coyote howls in the distance and the woods come alive with big gobblers posturing for their place in the gene pool.

We offer turkey hunting that caters to all levels of experience. From those just getting enrolled in the sport to seasoned veterans looking to fulfill there right of spring.

We’ll provide you with a fully guided hunt, or if you prefer, we’ll simply get you set in the right spot and turn you loose to match skills on your own with an elusive Tom Turkey. After your morning hunt, get ready to recharge your battery.

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